The final drawings: Building on our own momentum

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Closeup drawing by Emily DeTroy

As usual, it’s hard to believe another semester has whizzed by. We exhibited our final drawing projects at an open studio reception, which was fun.

I was blown away by the work my fellow students did, so decided to focus on some of their projects instead of mine. These are images from the reception and some excerpts from interviews I did that night. Read More

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It’s a King Tide Party and You’re Invited

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King Tide Marginal Way

In my 2D Design class, we’ve learned about more than creating good design. We also learned something about nature’s designs and the impact we humans can have when we try to intervene.

Our professor, Jan Piribeck, is involved in the Envisioning Change project, which aims to visualize sea level change in Portland and the Casco Bay region over about a 200- year period — from 1900 to 2100.

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Going Back to College to Get an Art Degree

Still Life from a class with Lucy Ellen Smith

My moment of enlightenment came during a painting class I took several years ago through the Continuing Studies program at Maine College of Art (MECA). It was called Painting for the True Blue Beginner and was taught by artist Patsea Cobb. Our assignment was to find a picture of a painting we liked and try to copy it. I chose Man in a Room by Paul Cezanne. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but just kept trying to paint what I saw. Patsea had warmed us up with several demos on how to prepare your canvas, lay out the palatte, hold a paint brush … I’ll never forget the moment my view shifted, literally and figuratively. I was working on the man’s pants and tried to copy a shape on one of the legs. I stepped back as Patsea had encouraged us to do and there it was — a wrinkle in the pants. I was astonished and from that moment on, I have been trying to make my own marks. Read More