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My name is Diane Atwood. In 2012, I began an exciting adventure as an art student at the University of Southern Maine. I created My Late Start to chart my progress as well as highlight artists I met along the way. I had to stop writing it in 2016, but kept up with school and graduated with a bachelor's degree in art in 2021.

It's all to easy to put things you enjoy most to the side and that's what I did with painting for awhile. Then I realized that If I didn't make the time to practice painting, before I knew it, I'd be out of time. So, I try to paint every day. I also decided to revive this blog because I enjoy writing.

My Late Start won't be only about me or about art. It will also feature stories of other boomers and retired people who have discovered what brings them joy. I firmly believe you're never too old to learn and do something new!

The Stories

Getting better at art means taking even more risks

If you want to make art, you also have to make a commitment. Until about a year ago, I did more dreaming about painting than actually doing it. I'm now painting every chance I get and also pushing myself to take risks that will, hopefully, make me a stronger painter. Read about my latest endeavor.

Claudia Hughes, living a life full of creativity

Claudia Hughes has always been a creative person, but since her husband David died six years ago, it's been hard to find inspiration and joy in the things she once loved doing. For those who love her and what she brings to the world, the news is good because Claudia is still brimming with creativity.

Want to be an artist? Dare to take risks

Part of becoming an artist is daring to take risks. It's not so difficult when you're alone at your easel, but deciding to display your work in public is another matter. I'm glad I took the risk.

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