The 2016 fall semester has begun. I’ve been waiting for this day!

My one class this semester is Intermediate Painting. The focus will be on the figure. I love painting or rather, trying to paint, people.

Today, our professor, Jim Flahaven, went over the syllabus, homework assignments, expectations, rules, and supplies we need to get (do I love shopping for art supplies or what?) My expectation is that we will have to work hard in this class and practice, practice, practice.

1st homework assignment

1st homework assignment

Homework assignments will begin with copying the masters in pencil. It will teach us to “observe, record, and ultimately learn from the masters.”

In our next class, we’ll work in oil from a photograph of a face, using only burnt umber. It will be a lesson in using a simple technique for blocking in forms.

Painting on gesso

To get ready, we each gessoed a big sheet of bristol board.

Cubicle with window

I think I’ve got one of the best spots in the class. That’s because I got to class early and was able to nab a corner cubicle. It’s mine for the whole semester — cozy with a big window.

All set for the next class. The empty walls await my masterpieces. That was another thing Jim told us. Every single thing we create will be hung around the room for all to see. All part of the learning process.

I hope you’ll follow along. I think it’s going to be an exciting semester.

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Terrilynn · August 31, 2016 at 6:34 am

SO excited to see your new adventure, Diane! Inspirational. Choose what helps you and be as free as possible. One teacher told me when I was struggling with the figure: “think of the curves as a landscape, they are just like hills and valleys.” ENJOY!

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