Whenever I paint, I often get mired in the details. After reading a book called Daily Painting by Carole Marine (love her work), I decided to try some daily paintings.

I confess I haven’t kept it up, but I know I’ll try again because the exercise was exhilarating. I did each of these paintings in oil in less than two hours (the little silver pitcher in 45 minutes) — no time to get picky.

The lesson to myself is that I should do this every single day! It’s by doing that we get better.

What do you think?

Blue VW

Blue Bug in the Woods (6x6in.)

Studio chair

Granny takes a rest (5x7in.)

Tomato and mug

You’re tickling me (5 x 7in.)

Oil painting silver pitcher

Little Silver Pitcher (3x3in.)

Classes start in 10 days. I’m taking two this semester — Drawing: Media and Strategies and Painting. I can’t wait — need to start getting all my school supplies ready. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Catching Health

In case you didn’t know, I also write a health and wellness blog called Catching Health. Please take a minute to check it out. Thank you!


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TravelingArtista · August 22, 2015 at 8:41 am

Very nice, Diane! There’s great fluidity here and a fresh expression because of the limited time and approach! It’s an inspiration to me. :D

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